WebRTC is an open framework that enables Real Time Communication(RTC), which is very useful for things like Video-Audio calling, Chatting, P2P file sharing, …

It is the open standard for real-time communication, which powers so many products and is being used in production at huge organizations. For example, Google Meet, Discord, Facebook Messenger, and many more are being powered by WebRTC. Applications like Zoom makes use of WebRTC indirectly for the data channels and stuff.

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Let’s take a look at some terminologies and stuff related to WebRTC, while we learn about how it works when connecting two users for a…

Hey, have you ever wanted to host your flutter web build without much work and confusion? I’ve got a small trick for you in here. You can even use your existing repository to host a new flutter web build. We’ll get into the working right away.

Note: In this example, we will host only the release build of the flutter web and update it, rather than the whole flutter project itself on GitHub (which is simple). This method is quite helpful, if you want to use an existing repository to have the build files.

You can use peanut to simplify…

Have you ever wanted to give your user a shortcut, for opening the selected text in your flutter app from anywhere in the android environment?

Like this:

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If yes, then you got yourself to the right place. In this article, I’m going to talk about how this can be implemented in flutter with the help of a pub plugin action_process_text, I wrote.

Let’s get started.

First, let’s create our flutter project.

flutter create action_process_text_example

Now, in the pubspec.yaml file, add the package

action_process_text: <latest version>

Run pub get and get packages.

Now add the following code to AndroidManifest.xml file in the android\app\src\main\

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